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Anorexia in cats is a serious condition that is often a symptom of some more serious health condition. Anorexia in cats is defined the same as it is in people or any other animal. Anorexia in cats happens when the cat has no appetite, refuses to eat its food or is physically incapable of eating food. A healthy appetite is generally the sign of a healthy cat, but the cat having an appetite is psychological and depends on the cat having a memory of hunger and or an association of hunger which is also psychological. Hunger, as most know is what happens when the cats body decides it needs food. So consequently, if a cat is suffering from anorexia, there is something else going on in the cat’s body.

What Causes Anorexia in Cats

Anorexia in cats has many causes. A cat that does not eat and is loosing weight is not one that is healthy, there is an underlying cause and that should be figured out.

Digestive system diseases that occur in the pancreas, liver, intestines, stomach or esophagus can cause anorexia in cats as well as diseases of the skin, eye, blood, throat, mouth, nose, brain and other organs. Other causes of anorexia in cats can be pain, parasites, injury, poison, neoplasia, stress, behavioral problems or even something as simple as the cat not liking the food it has been offered.

The only cause of anorexia that can be treated successfully without the aid of a vet is changing the cat’s food to something that it prefers, all the other causes will have to have vet care in order for the cat to survive the weight loss associated with anorexia, or usually it will.

As with most other symptoms that cat owners should watch for anorexia can be very dangerous if left untreated. But what should a cat owner know about what to watch for if their cat is not eating and is loosing weight? First of all, do not let this condition last for more than 24 hours, especially if the cat is a young kitten. Other symptoms to watch for are excessive drooling, vomiting, difficulty breathing, behavior changes that are sudden, diarrhea and lethargy.

If the weight loss that the cat is experiencing is actually caused by a medical condition then the condition will have to be treated because the cat’s body would have difficulty fighting the disease and fighting it with out the necessary benefits of the many nutrients that are provided in the food that they eat. Contacting a vet is always a good thing, especially if nothing the cat owner has tried has enticed the cat to eat.