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Recently, I was able to adopt a wonderful domestic short haired feline from a neighborhood rescue mission. I have always loved cats and my spouse and I decided we wanted to finally get one for our children and home. We eventually named him Simba and my 2 year old daughter has found her first love.

Cats are great companions

Anyone can enjoy the undeniable love, a beautiful purr. and vibrating sense of joy stemming from such a wonderful animal. Whether you are laying on the couch or in bed, rest assured if your feline is loving and caring there he or she will be right with you. I also love it when a cat becomes super affectionate and starts rolling all over the place in a whirl of wonder.

cat making a great companion

Cats are great for pest control

Believe it or not, having a cat can slim down your chances of ever seeing a mouse in your household again by volumes. Cats are especially great at sensing any intruders from birds to fleas, ticks and various rodents or creatures that may find their ways into your home.

Cats are loyal

cat being a loyal companion

In opposition to popular belief, cats are actually very smart and loving when it comes to the right person and their respected owner(s). Many people thinking cats are not as smart as dogs when it comes to owner recollection and whatnot. I think its safe to say cats are a , respectively, stubborn and “hard to please type of species. If you show your cat undying love, that is what you will receive in return.

Cats are very clean

When referring to a cat’s unbelievable sense of toilet training, it is great to know that most commonly, you will not run into some unexpected “poop” or spills of urine because your cat will utilize his or her litter box if properly maintained. Always remember to follow litter brand directions and clean your litter box out completely on a weekly basis.

Cats are actually, extremely, very clean

Now, as if the litter box isn’t enough, cats are always cleaning themselves, by use of their clean and properly equipped mouths. You will hardly ever have to clean your cat but if you choose to you can always purchase various products if your cat breed is household ready.