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Cleaning With Vinegar | Homemade Eco-friendly Cleaning Solutions

cleaning with vinegar homemade solution

I am interested in doing my part to save the earth. I try to remember my reusable grocery bags when I go to the supermarket. I take public transportation to work and leave the carbon dioxide safely parked at home. My problem with furthering my attempts at greenness is money. The amount of green needed to purchase the earth friendly products can be quite expensive. The good news is I have discovered liquid gold, aka vinegar. I am ready to move from baby steps to an adulthood stride in my attempt to go green and save green with my $3.00 jug of vinegar. Let me share my favorite uses with you.

Window Cleaner

Mix equal amounts of vinegar and water in a spray bottle. Gather up your paper towels and start cleaning those windows. You can clean the frame and sill, too. Your windows come out squeaky clean with no fumes. I like the vinegar smell but it dissipates quickly if you are not a fan of the aroma.

All Purpose Cleaner

Appliances and counter tops will sparkle after they are sprayed down with the vinegar and water treatment. There are no worries about food and poison mingling when you are cleaning with food. Add some dish soap to the mix if you are dealing with grease. Clean surfaces with soapy warm water and finish with the spray. The soap cuts the grease and the vinegar finishes the job.

Bathroom Cleaner

Use full strength vinegar for the bathtub. It cleans and prevents mold and mildew. Spray the diluted vinegar for the fixtures. It works great on the shower curtain or shower doors. The best part is you do not have to go crazy with rinsing. It’s vinegar. The diluted vinegar is good for the toilet and sink, too. Use full strength to scrub the bowl.

Pet Deterrent

This one is great. We have an artificial tree in our home that our cat insists on climbing and knocking over. Tonight I sprayed the bottom branches with the diluted vinegar. She went to the tree, sniffed it, and walked away. I am hoping she was truly offended by the scent and will keep her paws to herself. Do not spray vinegar on real trees or real plants. Vinegar is an acetic acid and kills live plants. I am going to try it on weeds when summer rolls around.

Try one or all of these money saving ideas and go green while you are at it. You may be pleasantly surprised and save a few dollars.

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