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Designing and Building an Eco-Friendly Kitchen

sustainable kitchen with bamboo cabinets and induction stove

Redesigning your kitchen to be eco-friendly is a great way to lower your impact on the earth and save money in the long run. While upfront costs for eco-friendly kitchen options may cost more initially, you’ll find your energy and resource saving to more than make up for the difference. Our guide will show you the many options available to homeowners who are looking to redesign their kitchen into an eco-friendly wonder!

Eco-friendly Waste Garbage Disposal

One useful appliance for your green kitchen is green waste garbage disposals. Green waster garbage disposals will take you glass, plastic, paper, and metals and recycles them! It is like a compost but for your non-food waste.  

Eco-friendly Counter Tops

Recycled Paper Counter Tops. These counter tops are made from pulp that comes from trees harvested by managed forests along with recycled paper. They are cheaper and stronger then normal counter tops which is a great bargain considering you save money and save the environment. 

Sustainable Flooring

Marmoleum flooring is made from flax, sawdust, linseed oil, and jute which are all organic materials so you don’t have to worry about using all that important material for your home.  

Use Energy Efficient Stoves

One example of green stove cooktops are induction stoves. Electric cooktops are more energy efficient than gas cooktops. You should consider changing to electric cooktops if you have gas even if you prefer the gas powered ones.  

Energy Efficient Light bulbs

Energy efficient light bulbs are very useful in saving energy. If everyone in the world used energy efficient light bulbs it would make up for the pollution from cars. One type of energy efficient light bulbs are LED light bulbs. They are more energy efficient and last longer.  

Eco-friendly Cabinets

Bamboo Cabinets. Bamboo cabinets are made from bamboo (of course) which is a fast growing plant. Which means they grow back faster than wood. So if you replace wood with bamboo you will be using less in the long run.  

Eco-friendly Faucets

Low Flow Kitchen Faucets

Low flow kitchen faucets will reduce the amount of water you use during your kitchen tasks (washing dishes, etc.). You can also buy low flow toilets which work like the kitchen faucets but will cause the toilets to clog up faster than normal ones.  Cleaners- Non-toxic/organic cleaners


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