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Eco-friendly Baby Shower Gift Ideas

sustainable baby shower

In recent years, many people are going green with all of their daily activities, ranging from taking shorter showers to consuming toxin-free food. Who knew that we could also have eco-friendly or green baby showers?

Many eco-friendly mothers are striving to have their new-born angels in a toxin-free environment. If you are invited to an eco-friendly baby shower, do not worry about what types of gifts to purchase because there is a wide range of gifts to take to a green baby shower. Here are some gift ideas for a baby shower when going green.

Sustainable teethers are perfect gifts

Plastic teethers can be very toxic to babies because most of them contain BPA-a chemical which mimics the body’s hormones hence posing great danger to the baby. Non-toxic teethers are made from fruits and vegetables, so they are safer and nutritious for the baby. You can get fruit and vegetable teethers at organic food stores or your local market.

Green diaper bag

Green diaper bags are made in two different ways. Some of them are manufactured from BPA-free recycled materials while fabric ones are made from organic cotton, wool or silk. These materials are very eco-friendly because they are biodegradable. You can purchase an eco-friendly diaper at green stores or online.

Crocheted apparel for the baby

If you are good at crocheting or if you know someone who can crochet, you can knit little warm socks and cardigans for the newborn. This is a perfect gift for the green baby shower because wool is organic and there will be limited pollution when knitting the clothing. This gift is also unique.

Gently used clothes

If you have saved clothes from your own baby, this is a perfect time to put them to good use. I do not recommend buying used clothes for a new-born because they can easily get skin diseases. Only give gently used clothes when you are certain that they are safe for another baby to use.

Green personal care gift basket for the baby

First of all, the gift basket should be made from earth friendly materials, like reeds, bamboo or sisal. In the gift basket incorporate eco-friendly cleaning products – baby wipes and organic baby soap, organic skin care products and compostable diapers. Wrap the gift basket in recycled paper after securing all the gifts in the basket.

Bamboo furniture for the baby

Unlike trees, bamboo is not damaged during harvesting and it regenerates within 4 to 5 years. If you are planning to have a crib or changing table as your gift at the baby shower, bamboo is the most eco-friendly material to make a green crib or changing table. You can have it custom-made or buy an already made bamboo changing table or crib at a furniture store.

When coming up with gift ideas for a green baby shower, choose gifts that conatin minimal toxins, and they should be compostable and durable.