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Eco-friendly Mother’s Day Gifts

mother getting eco friendly gift for mothers day

Green gifts for Mother’s Day How does a gift that is eco-friendly, practical and beautiful sound? Does your wife or mother have a collection of plastic (yuck), or wooden but scratched or warped cutting boards? Maybe it is time to upgrade to beautiful bamboo cutting boards on Mother’s Day.

Bamboo Cutting Boards

One of the really green gifts where Mom can chop her greens and more. They are created from organically grown bamboo and they are naturally antimicrobial. Did you know that bamboo is 16% harder than maple? The Totally Bamboo Cutting Boards are durable, won’t dull knives and are easy to care for. The boards wash up with warm water and mild detergent and should be periodically wiped down with mineral oils.

The cherry on top feature of these cutting boards by Totally Bamboo is that they are so attractive. There are a variety of sizes, some rectangular and others with handles that boast beautiful patterns of light and darks.

Totally Bamboo Cutting Boards for Mom run $20.00 and up can be ordered from the totallybamboo.com web site or found in kitchen stores such as Ladles and Linens in Roanoke or Lexington, Virginia.

Composting Equipment

There are a variety of ways to set up a composting center outdoors but the challenge for most cooks is storing the vegetable scraps, fruit peelings, egg shells and coffee grounds until we can make that run outdoors. Composting is a very green and beautiful thing but a bowl of compost on our kitchen island is not attractive. Yes, we all know we should just take it out more often but you know that Mom is a busy lady who is often juggling hot breakfasts with homework checking and a healthy supper with soccer practice.

Why not give Mom a real break with a compost keeper? The stainless steel compost keepers by Norpro hold up to one gallon of compost and use charcoal filters to remain odor free for up to 6 months. These stylish compost keepers feature a lid and handle and include a set of filters.

These compost buckets are another very green, practical and attractive gift for Mother’s Day. The stainless steel compost keeper is $39.99 and can be found on the web site ladlesandlinens.com.

Wooden Spoons

Make Mom’s kitchen more eco-friendly and healthier for her and her whole family too. Just say no to toxic plastic cooking utensils! Good Woods Wooden Ware is not only an attractive gift, it is a very inexpensive as well. Mother’s Day gift buying can be tough when you have wives, mothers, stepmothers, mother in laws and grandmothers to shop for. Good Woods Wooden Ware cooking and serving utensils are a friendly $4.49 a piece and you can build up a collection for Mom over time.

Made of European Hard Woods that are 100% biodegradable, the elegant wooden utensils will make you wonder why anyone would ever use plastic.

For only $4.49 each, the variety of Good Woods Wooden Ware cooking and serving utensils and spoons will make Mother’s Day shopping a spoonful of sugar. You can find these at the landlesandlinens.com as well.

There’s a loving reason our planet is called Mother Earth. Show them both you care this Mother’s Day with green gifts for Mom.

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