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Eco-friendly Products for Cleaning Your Toilet

ecofriendly toilet cleaning

My roommate once walked into the bathroom while I was scrubbing our toilet. She flinched when she saw what I was using– a bottle of Greenworks by Clorox.

“I know it’s better for the planet and all, but don’t you need bleach to clean something as nasty as a toilet?” she asked. But, when I showed her the finished result– a toilet just as white, spotless and ultimately clean as a bleached bowl.

You don’t have to sacrifice cleanliness for sustainability. It is entirely possible to clean your toilet without the use of harsh synthetic chemicals. Here are a few sustainable alternatives for cleaning your toilet.

Greenworks by Clorox

Clorox’s Greenworks line of sustainable cleaning products truly live up to their name. They really are green, and they really do work. I found that the Greenworks products cleaned my toilets far more effectively than any other sustainable products. In fact, their efficacy rivaled the bleach-based chemicals I’ve used.

Free and Clear All-Purpose Cleaner by Seventh Generation

Seventh Generation is my favorite go-to brand for sustainable, natural and earth-friendly products. The company’s biodegradable, nontoxic, VOC-free formula is as sustainable as a cleaning product can get, and it does work. Try using it in your toilet to keep your bathroom clean.

Orange Oil

Orange oil is a by-product of the orange juice industry, so it essentially has no ecological impact. It would exist regardless of whether it could be reclaimed as a cleaning agent. Orange oil is not only green, but extremely effective as an antibacterial cleanser and deodorizer. A little goes a long way– just a few drops will leave your toilet fresh, clean, and pleasant-smelling.

Baking Soda

This quick, green trick isn’t quite as effective at cleaning a toilet bowl as a commercial cleansing product. However, baking soda will effectively clean and deodorize your toilet. To get the most out of the product, pour a half-box into the bowl and leave it to soak overnight. The next morning, scrub the bowl thoroughly with a brush.


Vinegar’s acidic nature can help to break apart stains and destroy bacteria. I’ve found it particularly effective for eliminating rings of mineral deposit left by hard water. It can also help to mask and eliminate unpleasant odors. Try cleaning your toilet bowl with vinegar after using baking soda to get the greenest, cleanest effect.

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