Laayoune is a capital city of Western Sahara. It is a disputed territory on Africa coast. The land area of this city is about 8 square miles with a population of 262000 people. It was estimated during 2014. There is nothing else around it for about thousand miles. You can just watch sand as far as you can see after landing through the airport. There is a little city located after this long distance.

Interesting facts are associated with Laayoune desert. Some of the interesting facts are:

Climate condition

The temperature of this desert varies from 54 F to 88 F over a year. Sometimes it goes below 50 F and above 97 F. hot season lasts from July to September with an average temperature of above 85 F. there is the hottest day of August 8 in this desert with an average temperature of above 88 F and low of 69 F.

Cool season of desert remains for three months. Months extend from December to March. Average temperature during these months remain below 75 F. in a year; the coldest day is January 14. The average temperature at this day reaches to low of 54 F and high of 72 F.

The length of the day varies throughout a year. Shortest day in a year is December 21. It a day with 10 hours and 26 minutes of daylight. The longest day in a year is June 21 with 14 hours and 51 minutes of daylight. During some months of a year, the sky becomes clear and remains cloudy in other remaining months.


Laayoune is the largest city of Western Sahara. It is a capital of Western Sahara and covers almost 40% of the population of Western Sahara. The population of this area is estimated at above 500000. It is disputed territory of the Western Sahara. Most of the population of Western Sahara lives in this area. It is most populated territory because this area consists of the desert flatland.


Many languages are spoken in Laayoune desert. Some of the most spoken languages in this area are Sanya, Moroccan Arabic, and Arabic. Most of the population speak Moroccan Arabic in this area. Most of the population is associated with the religion of Islam.

Economy of desert

The economy of this region is based on the departments of marine fisheries, tourism, forests and mining. Economic development in this region depends on medium term projects in the economy. These medium-term projects create jobs for people in this region.


It is a capital of Western Sahara since 1940. Major of the population of Western Sahara lives in this region. It is also called El Ayoun town. It is located in northern Sahara and consists of 8 miles island from the Atlantic Ocean. It is situated in the region of sangria el Hamra. It was capital when Western Sahara was the province of Spain and Sahara was known as Spanish Sahara.

So, Laayoune desert is a land with different climate condition, population, language, culture, geography, and economy. It is a place of attraction for visitors.