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The minute we find a single flea on any of our dogs, we know that our entire house is vulnerable and exposed to these horrible critters! Please don’t misunderstand me! Our family gets a lot of joy from sharing our home with non-human species, however when it comes to jumping, biting and flying insects, that is where we draw the line!

We take very good care of our three dogs, a 160 pound Great Dane, a 79 pound Golden Retriever, and an 11 pound Papillon. Despite how well we feed them, how much we take them for walks, which happens to be twice per day, how much we play with them and how much we love them, they have on occasions gotten fleas! 

That dreaded fast breeding annoying pest to dogs and cats which tend to multiply and infest an entire house very quickly!

Fleas, as we have found out from unfortunate experiences, are rather difficult to get rid of and very inconvenient! As a matter of fact, they can be a downright pain! In more ways than one and at times quite literally!

cat scratching because of fleas

Tips To Keep Fleas Off Your Pet

Losing the battle against fleas and ticks? If you follow this 4 step plan you can be the victor!

Invest in a flea comb.

A flea comb is a small hair comb with teeth that are very close together. These are available in plastic or metal, with the plastic version being much cheaper. When your pet starts scratching, run the flea comb through a few sections of hair to see if you find anything. If you do find fleas use the comb to remove as many as you can. Prepare a bowl of soapy water to drop fleas and ticks in. Start combing at the head of your pet and then move on to the ears, back, sides, and chest.

Bathe your pet properly.

This technique is important if you are using a dog shampoo that has an ‘active ingredient.’ These shampoo’s would be anything you are using to stop fleas, treat skin conditions, stop itching, etc. Brush or flea comb your pet and rinse them with luke-warm water. Next, put shampoo in a line down your pets back and start to lather up their entire body. We want the suds to stay on for 10-15 minutes so they can really do their job. You can let your dog run outside (if they wont immediately roll on the ground) or let them run through the house if they won’t make a big soapy mess. After 10-15 minutes bring your dog back to the tub and rinse them off. Dry them and you are done! *It is also important you don’t let them stand in water during this process. Fleas can hold their breath and they will climb back on your pet.

dog scratching because of fleas

Wash Your Pet Bedding

These will be sites of both active fleas and flea eggs. I like to do this when I bathe my pet. I throw all of their things (even cloth toys) into the washing machine. If a part of their bed is not washable, like the bed liner, throw it in directly in the dryer for 20-30 minutes. This may help kill some fleas.

Getting Fleas Out of Your House

In order to get rid of fleas in a home, the first thing to know is that it takes quite a bit of work and effort! The only way to really get rid of fleas is to get rid of every single one of them and every single flea egg they may have left behind, as those eggs will hatch, thus the flea cycle will start anew!

Begin by washing all fabrics and bedding in the house, including towels, throw rugs, curtains, clothing and anything else that is not in an airtight container. Any wall to wall carpet must be treated as well as your furniture. If you have the kind of couches and chairs where you can take the fabric off of the cushion then I would do so and put them into the washing machine as well. If not, you can have them professionally cleaned along with your carpet. Wash everything in very hot water! This will help to kill any eggs on the fabric.

Vacuum daily and empty the bag outside. I close my pets in the bathroom after bath time so I can vacuum the house before I let them out. Vacuum all areas of your home, giving special attention to where your pet spends time. IMMEDIATELY after you finish, dump the vacuum bag outside in a trash can or throw the bag away outside. If fleas can get in the vacuum, they can get out!

Now it is time to “bomb” the house with a flea bomb. Spare no expense when it comes to these! The better the product, the less likely you are to have to repeat the treatment.

Be extra diligent with any items and areas frequently used by your pets.

When you finally get rid of fleas in your home, you will naturally feel a huge load off your back, and it will have well been worth the effort and trouble, as your pets will be much happier.

Talking with Your Veterinarian About Fleas

Before treating a house for fleas, it is important to treat your pets at the same time. First you must have them treated, preferably by a professional- at a veterinarian’s office, and I strongly suggest leaving them there overnight in order for your house to have enough time to be thoroughly treated as well in order to eliminate the possibility of a recurrence.

The first thing to do is to make a specific appointment for your pets to be left overnight at the vet’s office. Once you have dropped them off, it is time to get down to some serious work!

Since the second time our dogs became infested with fleas, we started to use a product recommended by our vet in order to prevent it. The one we use is Revolution, although there are many others available that are equally effective. I suggest this route because it really saves a lot of time, energy and irritation for both you and our pets!

spraying an animal for fleas

What Are Fleas

Fleas are tiny yet misery inflicting pests, obviously for pets, but for humans as well. When infested with fleas, your pets and the house need to be treated.

One must reduce the rate of which fleas can reproduce. This is the primary reason for the often challenging task of getting rid of them. Fleas pupae are capable of remaining dormant until born, which can be up to 500 of them at one time. 

Thus, it is imperative to use a product to kill fleas that will not only kill living adult fleas, but the eggs and larvae too, and continue to repel as well as kill any that may hitch rides from the outside via Spot’s tail.