It has been announced that the visual search is going to be the future’s key trend this is the thing which is going to discover and then purchase the relevant and associated products. A lot of talks regarding this has been done by Snapchat for years, Pinterest is also now on its way to developing the visual search capacities by itself.

Another thing in the same field is being done by Facebook as it has been working for the promotion of its image-based solutions so that it could work well in helping the users to find what they really want. But still no platform has been found yet which has made the investment in search than Google and this is why it is equally important that the search tools are granted development.

Making this idea more prominent, this week Google has also published a blog that has got the complete details regarding the Lens image option for the search and it has also highlighted the variety of innovations and additions which have been made till now to make this tool more effective and accurate. And after that, some of the important developments have also been made in which Google has stated that this Lens would now be able to identify and recognize a total number of more than one billion products and that is the 4x of the number which has been covered in the launch.

Added news is that there are a lot of uses which are covered by this lens and taking it as an example, that Google itself has noted that there are almost more than 15 percent of the pictures which the people are taking for the practical things like there are shopping lists and receipts and other things which in fact are opposed to portraits and objects. Although to catering for this, another added benefit is that this Lens can now recognize the text which is in images and could also convert it to be used in some other applications of certain kinds.

For example, the phone could be pointed at a business card and it could then be added in your contacts or there could be the feature of copy ingredient from a recipe or something like that and then it could directly be pasted in the shopping list which you’ve made. Another initiative there is Google’s version for the pinterest’s lens which is referred to like the style search and it is also now going to get more intuition and smartness.

By using this feature of the style search in the Lens, the camera could now be pointed at the home decoration and also to the outfits so that a list of suggestions is provided to the user based on the things and items which somehow similar to them in the manner of style. So from now, you can get the same piece almost which you have liked or seen somewhere else just with the help of this added feature in Lens.