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How To Get A Green Job in the Sustainability Industry

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We hear the term “green jobs” all the time, it seems like it is one of the hottest buzz word these days. There has been a lot of talk recently about the creation of new green jobs, but there had been little talk on how to actually go about getting them. I run a green jobs blog and the most popular question I get is centered on where to find and how to obtain a green job. Here are some suggestions and words of advice to help you land a job in the growing green collar industry.

Research Green Jobs and Find Your Fit

The first thing you need to know is that finding a green job is very similar to finding a regular job and many of the techniques are the same. The first step involves extensive research. Since this is a new industry and one that you are unfamiliar with, the first few weeks of your search should be discovering how the top companies are and who the key players are. You need to find out who you need to target.

Network in the Sustainability Industry

After the initial research, it is important to put yourself out there and start attending social events. The good thing about the green industry is that there are a lot of events that are available for you to attend. There are also a lot of green themed clubs that you can join in your local area. When you attend these events you need to make yourself as visible as possible. You will need to meet new people and ask questions about how they got into the green industry and if they know about any available openings.

This is good old fashioned networking. The difference is you are networking in a niche with people that share similar ideas and interests. This is much different than networking at a chamber of commerce event for example. When you are networking, try to collect as many business cards as you can.

Tailor Your Resume to the Green Industry

It is essential that you have an updates resume ready to go. If you can, it might make sense to have you resume professionally done and slanted towards the green industry. There are resume writing companies popping up that specialize in writing resume for green job seekers.

Stay In Touch

My most important step in the green job search is following up with the new contacts that you made. You have to be proactive and a little bit on the aggressive side. This is where the business cards come into play, jot down all of the email addresses and send them all an email. Let them know that you enjoyed meeting them and let them know of your intentions of breaking into the green industry. You will be surprised at how friendly and helpful those in the green community are.

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