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Green Parenting: Tips for Raising Kids Who Save The Planet

green parenting

As a partial green parent at the very least, I’ve found a few of my favorite green products, services and ideas for parenting and kids that I really like and work well for me. Many of them are as simple as making your kids move, or perhaps go outside, or just drink from water bottles that are now in compliance with the green movement. The following are a few easy green ways to parent that I apply to my family life regularly.

Go Outside

It’s amazing how much time kids currently spend indoors on screens. As a parent, I make a conscious effort to direct them out the door. Often, it takes me turning off computers, televisions or music sources that have them distracted from the outdoors. I find that after a good romp outside, even for my teens, they are less irritable, and more focused when they return inside, even if they don’t agree.

Smart Plugs

A couple of my smaller kids still like to keep lights on at night, wasting precious energy and dollars alike. I recently tried a couple smart plugs to show me where I’m creating the most energy cost in my home. Knowing that information is a valuable way to cut back in the areas I need to most.

BPA Free Bottles and Sipper Cups

Last fall the FDA was approached by a group of companies that regularly use BPA, or bisphenol to remove rules that allow this chemical to be added to baby bottles and sippy cups. That speaks pretty loudly doesn’t it? The manufacturers are asking that this substance be removed from those items! My little guy still uses sippy cups and it’s more likely to have been removed from toys and water bottles as well as food containers now.

Natural Cleaners

Eco-friendly natural cleaners are everywhere. As an essential oil freak I was happy to find a brand of natural cleansers that actually used essential oils in their products rather than ammonia, phosphates, chlorine and parabens called Mrs. Meyers all purpose cleaners. For more about them go to their website, mrsmeyers.com. You’ll find a complete line of dish soaps and all purpose cleaners there.

Reusable Grocery Bags

Nothing could be easier than using reusable grocery bags. I just keep them in my car for easy access wherever I’m going. If you have a family, even better since families seem to be the biggest contributors to plastic bag usage. You can find them at the dollar store or online by looking up reusable grocery bags.

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