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Helping Pets During A Natural Disaster

dog in snow storm

Disasters affect everyone, and that includes pets. When times get hard, it can be hard for many families to continue to feed and care for their pets. Some even feel no recourse but to give up their beloved pets, and the shelters are taking in more than they can handle.

Many people want to help but aren’t sure what they can do. Donations are always welcome, but that doesn’t have to mean donating money. It can also mean giving supplies you already have or volunteering your time. With that in mind, I have come up with ten ways to help pets in need.

Donate to a Pet Food Bank

Many of these have been around for quite some time, and new ones are cropping up all over the country. Check your local pet food pantry for information on what they will accept; they may also need volunteers to collect the donations. If your area doesn’t already have a pet food bank, consider getting one started.

Donate to a Local Animal Shelter

The wonderful animals there need food, blankets, and so much more. The shelters need administrative supplies as well; if they can spend less on office supplies, they’ll have more funds for the direct care of the animals.

dog after natural disaster

Donate to a Local Rescue

Animal rescue organizations have essentially the same needs as the shelters. If you would prefer to help a specific breed of dog or cat, contact the local rescue of your choice and ask how you can help.

Foster a Shelter Pet

Sometimes the rescue organizations just don’t have enough room. If you’re not ready to commit to adopting a new pet, why not consider being a foster family? There are rules to follow, but if you’re willing, give it some thought and see whether it’s an option for you.

Share Pet Food and Other Supplies

Does your dog intensely dislike the new food you bought? Did your cat decide to ignore the new litter you dared to pour into the litter box? If so, don’t throw the bag away. Tell the pet owners you know that you have something they might be able to use.

Offer to Pet Sit

Maybe you know someone who needs an extra job just to make ends meet. If your schedule permits, offer to pet sit for free. It’s a wonderful way to help out while allowing a family to keep their pet. Sometimes, people just need a little time to work things out. If that’s the case with someone you know, offer to let their pet stay with you a while. This will be like a vacation for the dog or cat, especially if you have pets for him to play with, while giving the owner time to concentrate on making things work again. Just make sure everyone agrees that it’s temporary.

Adopt a Pet

If you have room in your home, a soft spot in your heart, and a little extra money in your bank account, this is a great time to adopt a dog or cat in need. It could make all the difference in the world.