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How Pets Benefit Your Health

pet benefiting a woman's health

Research has proven that a pet will not only bring about smiling faces and encourage happiness, your four legged loved one will also enhance emotional and physical health. Interaction with an animal will lower blood pressure better than any drug. At the same time, the risk of heart disease is tremendously reduced. Motors skills, balance and speech are also improved when a pet is present. Psychological, social and mental health is enhanced as well. While loneliness and depression is decreased, self esteem is elevated when caring for your furry friend.

How Pets Benefit Children’s Health

A child learns to be nurturing when given responsibility for the care of a new puppy. They will be taught to show empathy toward all living creatures. A special needs child benefits by the interaction with a therapy dog. In fact, pet therapy is often used for autistic children, acquainting the child with socialization and mental stimulation as the pet provides love and attention without judgments or expectations.

How Pets Benefit the Health of Seniors

Seniors are also greatly affected by the presence of a pet. As studies have proven, elderly folks tend to have fewer trips to the doctor when a dog is part of the household. There is generally less anxiety, physical and emotional pain, and lack of boredom when in the company of a family pet. Short and long term memories are also improved. A man or woman filled with fear and loneliness after being newly widowed will be eased of their new uncertainties when that special dog is present to touch their hearts.

Pets Can Benefit Mental Health

With recent recognition of pet therapy, it is common for a dog to be welcomed into convalescent facilities, day care centers, correctional institutions, and sometimes hospitals, as well. There are several hospice organizations across the country which includes pet therapy for patients nearing their end of life. A ray of sunshine will be added to the day of a terminal patient who may be otherwise sad and withdrawn. For the proven studies of how an animal positively affects those with various levels of need, the value of a pet should never be underrated. A pet is a natural medication with no prescription necessary.