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How to Throw an Elegant Party at Your Place!

elegant party at home

Cheap and Classy are usually never used in the same sentence. But being the adventurous soul that I am I will dare to use them. You can have a Classy party that is Cheap. Sure you’ve probably read articles on having a nice party on a budget but what if the budget you’ve read was for three hundred and you only have one hundred to work with? Does that mean you’re doomed to a paper plate and cup shindig. No I’m here to show you how to have a party like no other, one that will be talked about for months to come. Before I get started Reader Beware, you’ll be designated party thrower by all of your friends. I will supply you with one theme you are sure to love.

Free verse Party

A free verse party is something I came up with a summer ago. I wanted to have a party because I love to host but I didn’t have any reason to throw a party so I created one and called it a free verse party. Basically it’s a dinner with poetry reading after. I invited a few of my closest friends and emailed other poetry lovers with clear instructions on writing two poems that they wouldn’t mind reading in front of others the dresscode was all white with the exception of shoes and accessories. Here is how it works.

elegant party with friends at home


The atmosphere is very important it sets the mood of the party. Purchase scented candles usually white or off-white in different shapes and sizes place them on the table and surround them with artificial vine leaves that can be purchased for less than three dollars at your local arts and crafts store. Only use candle light or lights with dimmers it helps the atmosphere to stay seductive and creates a poetic vibe. If you have furniture that you feel is less than presentable always go with chair or table covers. It will change the look of the room and may actually help the atmosphere.

Guest list

Why is this important? Simple. You don’t want to invite people who are really not into poetry even if they are your friends. I’ve learned since my first gathering that the smaller the crowd the more intimate the setting.


This usually depends on the type of person throwing the party my personal choice of free verse music is a guy name Citizen Cope He has a deep, funky, sultry, hint of raggae sound to his music. His cd is highly recommended. You can play it through out dinner or when it’s time to begin your poetry session. His music goes really well with any style of poetry.


This is where things get pretty sticky. You want to choose food that has a nice presentation but didn’t require a caterer. I recommend looking up a few recipes online that are made for two and taking it from there. I had cheese stuffed mushrooms as an appetizer, alfredo made from scratch, and glazed pork tenderloin with garlic butter green beans and garlic mashed potatoes sprinkled with parsley for presentation. For dessert two scoops of caramel ice cream served with two perouttes (Perouttes are cream filled wafers Peppridge farms are the best) Sounds hard? Well lucky for you your local grocery store sells pre-seasoned tenderloins that only require you to unwrap and place in a baking pan. Fresh cut green beans sauted in a frying pan with butter and garlic salt is quick and easy. Mash potatoes are usually the easiest to make.


Good alcoholic drinks can be pretty expensive but a good substitute is sparkling cider. The bottle looks just as classy and depending on the flavor it’ll leave the mild to moderate drinker not feeling cheated. You’ll only pay two dollars and ninety nine scents per bottle at most. Serve in wine glasses for an added sense of elegance.

Party Favors:

Top your party off with small gift bags you can fill them with small leather like binders found at Wal-mart for five dollars each with a fancy looking ball point pen. Add a copy of one of your favorite poems rolled into a scroll and tied with a ribbon and you’ll have a hit.

Naturally every party you throw has to have your personal flare added or it wouldn’t be uniqe. You are ultimately what makes a party great.