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Pet Insurance: What You Need to Know

dog with pet insurance

Many people roll their eyes when they hear the words “Pet Insurance”. At first I agreed with this statement, but in further research, I have had a change of heart. Pet insurance isn’t only for dog obsessed or cat obsessed owners. As a matter of fact, Pet insurance is actually a smart decision for many pet owners. Before you dismiss the idea of pet insurance, be sure you know all the facts.

Cost of Various Medical Expenses

Without getting treated for any type of injury or illness, pets can be very expensive. They need to be vaccinated, wormed, and “fixed”. However, if you are like so many people in this world, you would do more for your pet. If he/she became ill or injured most people would at least try to makes things better. Illnesses and injuries can get very expensive to treat in the animal world. Cancer treatment can run between $500-$3800.

A broken bone can cost a pet owner $1000-$2500 to fix. Infections cost $100-$1000. Retrieving a foreign object swallowed by a pet can cost between $50-$2500. As you can see, the vet bill can add up. Having pet insurance can do a lot to save you money should something bad happen.

Ask About Discounts

If you have several dogs, horses, cats, etc, don’t rule out pet insurance just because of the cost. Most companies will have a discounted rate for multiple pet owners. This can cut back on pet insurance expenses greatly.

Insurance for Expensive Pets

When my family purchased a Pomeranian, it cost $300. I thought that was extremely pricey! However, more recently I have heard of folks spending $2000-$10,000 on one animal. If you are spending that much money to purchase a pet, you should highly look into accidental pet death insurance. If your expensive pet dies, you will be paid the original purchase price.

Beware of Extra Charges

Don’t get fooled by pet insurance companies. There are some providers that will charge you extra if you own a specific breed of animal. Some breeds have common genetic problems so they want more money from you. Also, some pet insurance companies will charge you more depending on what zip code you reside. Try to steer clear of these companies because there are others that do not include the extra charge.

Pet insurance is not just for old ladies that sit around and knit all day with a lap dog on their chair. Pet insurance is actually quite smart and necessary for certain families with expensive pets.