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Prepare Your Dog For A New Baby

introducing newborn baby to family dog

With the arrival of the baby your pet falls into the background, resulting with jealousy

Many young couples at the beginning of a relationship decide to get a pet, usually a dog or a cat. He becomes the center of their lives and their love and care are directed towards him.

However, the arrival of a baby in the family, your baby, and pet’s whole world is changing almost overnight. No way you can be prepare at for something like that, so it often happens that your pet is being neglected, which can lead to major or minor problems. In fact, your pet understands life as it used to be, for example, feed at regular intervals, long walks and games in general – unlimited attention.

When the baby arrives, it is logical that it will be in the first place and the fact that you happen to have a pet means that you might even forget to feed it (which is a shock for him), and it will often be neglected. Until recently, the walks were regular, now they never even happen. Everything your pet knew and what he was used to no longer exist.

Some dogs and cats are good at coping with new circumstances, and in their own cunning way they will get your full attention soon. They will show interest in what is happening around them and they will use even the fuss and care for the child as a new stimulus and enjoying something new.

Some pets find a new interest in the yard playing with a birdie or in a flat with toys, and they learn to play by themselves…

Unfortunately, not all of pets acts like this and you will therefore have to prepare and train your pet before the baby is born.

If the pet sleeps with you in bed, you can not tolerate this anymore when the baby arrives. Therefore, you must specify in advance the limits of movement. Also, when the child will sleep on the bed, the dog should not be on the bed, because he sees the height as a form of domination. Never allow a baby to be in the same level as the dog. Dog must learn to sleep next to the bed or even better in another room, and during the summer months out in the open.

Try feeding the dog at different time and try, for example, if he tries to bite you if you drag his ear, poke in the eye, grasp the tail, or try to take his food when he eats. Start slowly, but as soon as you learn that you expect the baby.

Seven steps to prepare your dog for a new baby

Here are some steps that will help you what to do with pet:

Establish an order in the family

Dogs rely on the order and it is very important that he knows what is his position in the family because they behave according to the “alpha male” rules. For them dominance is not about spending the most time with each other or going for long walks or just being the biggest person in the family. Important to them is who goes through the door first, who sleeps in a higher position, who eats first. This is the way that they realize they are subordinate.

Identify problems

  • Sleep Position
  • Feeding times
  • Use of furniture
  • Time to play
  • Touching Children
  • Jumping on people

Start with training

Dog learn how to sit, stand, lie down and come to you.

These are the basic commands to learn dog obedience and have control over it. Simple instructions will be easier to understand and all the time he may pay attention to you.

Set limits for each action plan

Do not start with all the adjustments and training at once.

Be firm in your rules

For example, if your cat likes to jump in the stroller, children’s chairs, bed, etc., solve this with a water pistol. When your cat jumps in, sprinkle it with water. You can also spray the furniture lightly with lemon juice. When the cat jumps inside, the smell will bother her and she will jump out.. Even a dog can take a few test walks with empty wheelchair, to see how they will react and get used to them. What is most important to never back down.

The time to start preparations

Start with the preparation at least two months prior to the arrival of the baby. If you start too late, you could bring the baby home and still take care of confused and shocked animal.

Meet the pet people, children, strangers

After the birth of a child the house will have a lot of visits, therefore you should prepare pets into the visitors even before birth of the child. Organize a party and prepare treats for a dog that will be given to him by the guests. Ask your guests to help you with your pet during a visit to devote a little attention to it and giving him treats or plays with him. Similarly, do so with a cat.

As your dog training is progressing, tell your guests they may easily pull a dog by the tail and give him a treat afterwards. Of course, it is not advisable to work with a dog or cat older than 10 years.

Finally, if you have problems with dog obedience or notice that has selective hearing; ask for help with professional coaches.