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Questions to Ask Yourself When You Feel It’s Time for a Life Change

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Do you feel like you’re coasting along in life, not trying to reach anything in particular, but stuck in a routine? We all find ourselves in ruts at times, when everything seems too ordinary and excitement is lacking from everything we do. If you think you’re stuck in a life pattern that’s not going anywhere, it’s time to turn inward and examine yourself.

By honestly answering some difficult questions, you can begin to discover what you want in life and how to make it happen. When you have the time, think about the questions that follow. Answer them truthfully, and you’ll begin to discover how to find a new path in life or get in touch with an old dream.

1. How do I want people to remember me after I’m gone?

This is a tough question, but one that you need to think about before you move on. Think about what you most enjoy doing. Think about how you spend your time each day. Is what you most enjoy taking up most of your time? If it’s not, think about reorganizing your life.

2. How can I change myself so I can enjoy life more?

Now that you’ve identified what you like doing, think about little ways to incorporate your likes into your daily life. Odds are, you can’t have a total life makeover, changing career and location. But you can take time to do what you love, and share this love with other people.

3. What’s good about my life now?

You may be so caught up in the doldrums of habit that you fail to see the beauty in your life. Everyone has something to be thankful for. Maybe it’s family, or a pet, or a special place. Even if you can find nothing good in the life you’re leading, think about how you can harness an aspect of your routine and turn it into an adventure. Maybe you hate your job. A simple act like bringing flowers or donuts to the office to share could mix up your day-to-day life and set you up for change and happiness.

4. When was the last time I did something unexpected?

If you’re living in a routine, the best way to break out of it is to step outside your comfort zone. Start small. Wear a crazy pattern or try a new food.

5. Do I think about my needs?

Everyone needs a little “me” time. Is there something you’ve always wanted to try, but never got around to it? Now is the time to get out there and do it. Take that salsa class, go climb that mountain, ask the cute cashier out on a date. Why not?

6. Do I fulfill my role well?

Success is fulfilling. Think about your many jobs in life-9-to-5s, parenting, being a good friend or child-and assess your performance. Do you try hard? Are you putting all you can into it? Think about how you can improve so you get more out of your role, whatever it may be.

7. Am I attractive?

You will be more attractive when you realize your value and enter a stage of happiness. That said, if you feel dreadfully unattractive, take action. Join a gym, ask a friend to help go through your closet and pick out what’s most flattering, or get a haircut. We all know feeling attractive makes us happy, but be sure to make changes for yourself, not for anyone else.

8. Do I make enough money? Why can’t I have the things I want?

The old saying is true: money doesn’t buy happiness. Think about what getting another job would cost you in your personal life, and what you would gain from it. If this cost is worth it to you, consider looking for more employment. If the things you’d gain wouldn’t make up for your lost time, learn to live with what you have, and realize you’re better off than many.

9. What makes me want to succeed?

What would you do anything for? Money? Appreciation? Love? Think about what motivates you, then work toward achieving that thing. This is a hard question to answer, but if you’re honest with yourself, you’ll learn to prioritize based on what you want.

10. What gets you down?

Think about what makes you feel bad about yourself. Then, think about your answers to the above questions. You can overcome your feelings of insignificance, you just have to get out there and find what you need. Hopefully, you’ve now realized what you want out of life. Improving yourself means getting closer to making these wants a reality.

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