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Why Do Dogs Like Squeaky Toys

Sleeping jack russell terrier puppy dog with squeaky teddy bear toy

If you’ve ever been around dogs and seen them play with their toys, you’ve probably noticed that they have a certain affection for squeaky toys—toys that make some noise when squeezed. 

The sound might be annoying when you first hear it, but then you see your dog getting totally entranced by it, and suddenly, the sound seems pretty fun. So why do dogs like squeaky toys? And what are some of the other benefits these toys provide your dog?

Reasons Dogs Love Squeaky Dog Toys

Dogs love squeaky toys for a variety of reasons. First, the squeak itself is intriguing to them. A high-pitched noise grabs their attention and doesn’t let go. Second, it’s a way for them to release their energy and have fun. 

It’s also a great way to bond with their human companions. So let’s take a look at some of the reasons why dogs love squeaky toys!

Training Tool

It’s a common question dog owners ask- why do dogs like squeaky toys? While the answer may not be immediately obvious to us, there are a few reasons why dogs are attracted to these types of toys. 

For one, a squeaky toy’s noise is similar to the pitch of a dog’s bark, so it naturally piques their interest. Additionally, squeaky toys often have an interesting texture that feels good on a dog’s teeth and gums. 

Dogs also love to play and fetch, so a toy that encourages this type of activity will always be a hit. So next time your pup is going crazy for their squeaky toy, remember that it’s just their instinct at work!

Comfort Object

A squeaky toy is a comfort object for dogs because it gives them something to focus on and helps them feel safe. 

When a dog is anxious or stressed, chewing on a squeaky toy can help release some tension. 

The sound of the toy also helps to soothe them and can be a form of white noise that drowns out other stressful sounds. 

In addition, chewing can also help clean their teeth and massage their gums, which feels good!

Chew Toy

Dogs use squeaky toys as chew toys for a variety of reasons. The squeak of the toy can help keep their teeth clean and healthy by removing plaque and tartar buildup. 

Furthermore, chewing on a squeaky toy can help relieve boredom or stress in dogs. As with any chew toy, it is important to supervise your dog when playing with this toy to ensure that they do not swallow any pieces that may come off.

Fetching Toy

Dogs like to fetch things because it’s instinctual. Fetching is a way for dogs to use up excess energy and also a great way to bond with their owners. 

And what’s more fun than playing fetch with a squeaky toy? The sound of the toy is like a built-in reward for your dog, and it helps keep them engaged in the game. 

So next time you’re wondering why your dog loves their squeaky toy so much, just remember that it’s in their nature to fetch – squeaky toys are just too irresistible!

Calming Device

It’s likely that your dog likes squeaky toys because they help to calm them down. In addition, dogs are known to be attracted to high-pitched noises, and the sound of a squeaky toy is similar to that of a baby’s cry. 

This noise can help soothe your dog and make them feel comfortable. Additionally, chewing on a squeaky toy can help relieve dogs’ anxiety. 

The process of tearing apart the toy causes an increase in saliva production, which helps keep teeth clean and healthy. 

Some experts even believe this toy acts as a surrogate for eating, and calms some dogs during mealtimes.

Dental Health

A squeaky toy can help keep a dog’s teeth clean and healthy. Chewing on the toy helps remove plaque and tartar from their teeth. 

Chewing also strengthens a dog’s jaw muscles. Squeaky toys are also a good way to redirect a dog’s chewing behavior from things they’re not supposed to chew on, like furniture or shoes.


Dogs like squeaky toys because they are fun to play with and make a noise that dogs find interesting. They also like to chew on squeaky toys, which has proven to relieve boredom or stress. 

Some dogs may even be attracted to the smell of a squeaky toy, which can be caused by the materials used to make the toy. 

Finally, when choosing squeaky toys for your dog, you should consider how long the toy will last before it breaks or gets chewed up. 


Let’s examine some of the most frequently asked questions about squeaky toys and dogs!

Why Do Dogs Prefer Squeaky Toys?

While the jury is still out on why dogs prefer squeaky toys, there are a few theories. One theory is that the squeak mimics the sound of prey, which excites a dog’s natural hunting instincts. 

Another theory is that the act of chewing and squeezing the toy satisfies a dog’s natural desire to chew. Whatever the reason, one thing is for sure – dogs love their squeaky toys!

Do Dogs Think Squeaky Toys Are Alive?

One possible thing is that the squeakiness of the toy sounds like a small animal or bird, which intrigues dogs and makes them want to play. 

The sound may also remind them of prey they’ve caught in the wild. Squeaky toys also tend to be colorful and have an interesting smell, appealing to dogs. 

Ultimately, it’s hard to say why dogs are so fascinated by squeaky toys. All we know for sure is that they are!

Why Do Dogs React To Squeaky Sounds?

It’s instinctual. When they were wild, their ancestors used high-pitched noises to communicate with each other over long distances. 

The sound of a squeaky toy is similar to the sound of a wounded animal, which can trigger a predatory response in some dogs. 

For others, it’s simply a fun noise that gets their attention. Finally, some dogs may associate the noise with positive experiences, like getting treats or going for walks.