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Why Do Dogs Like to Sleep Under Tables

dog laying under the table chewing on a ball

Have you ever been sitting in your home and realized it’s been a while since you’ve seen your dog? Maybe you give out a call but only hear silence in response. Confused, you begin walking through your home, only to find them cuddled up under a table in another room. 

Are they hiding? Or do they just need some healthy space? And why is under the table the perfect spot for them to find whatever it is they’re looking for? While it’s cute and sweet, some dog owners may worry about where this behavior is coming from and if there is something their dog is feeling the need to retreat from.

So, why do dogs go under the table to sleep? Let’s take a look at some of the different possible reasons your furball may be snuggling up under the table. 

dog sleeping under the table

Instinct May Cause Dog To Sleep Under Tables

Whether you are a human, dog, or any other animal, sleeping is when you are at your most vulnerable. Long ago when your dog’s ancestors lived in the wild, sleeping was the most dangerous time for them.

They would need to find secluded spaces offering some shelter and protection to sleep. Even if your dog feels comfortable and safe, they still instinctively crave a small enclosed space to sleep. This is also why dogs like dog houses. 

For the most part, when your dog is under the table, they are probably either looking for some space and quiet or intentionally putting themselves directly in the center of everything. If you notice your dog under the table while your family is eating, consider how there is no other place they could be that is more in the center of everyone, not to mention the potential for a food scrap thrown in the mix.

Similarly, if your dog is under the table in the same room as where the humans are hanging out, they want to be close to you and feel included in what is going on, but may want a protected space to view all the action from. 

dog sleeping under desk

There are also the times when your dog may go to sleep under a table because they want some space or alone time, and that is usually perfectly okay. For just a moment, imagine what the world would be like from your dog’s perspective. Your senses would be completely different, with a full array of smells and sound at an intensity that could sometimes be overstimulating. The human world is full of fun and love for dogs, but sometimes things can get a bit chaotic.

Especially if you have children in your house, guests, or any type of unusual noise or smells, it can be very overwhelming to a dog and they may want a little break. If you were a dog and getting overwhelmed or needed a little personal break, why wouldn’t you go find a space to curl up under a table? 

Hiding Beneath the Table out of Fear

If you notice that your dog is spending a lot of time under the table, or not wanting to come out, it may indicate your dog is experiencing anxiety, and there are a few things you can do to make them more comfortable. But for the most part, this behavior is healthy and perfectly normal.

Dogs may also seek refuge under a table during thunderstorms, fireworks, or people knocking on the door. Begin paying attention to when your dog is spending time under the table, and see if you are able to recognize a pattern. This may indicate what it is that is leading them to want to be there. 

If it seems like your dog is experiencing a lot of anxiety or they seem to be afraid of coming out from under the table, this is probably a good time to speak with your vet. The shelter of a table can offer a secure comfortable space for your dog, but if they seem uncomfortable leaving that space, there might be something more going on.  

Most of the time, there is no issue with dogs wanting to sleep under tables. It’s perfectly normal for them to want some space every once in a while, and natural that they want to sleep in an enclosed space.

If you, for whatever reason, don’t want your dog sleeping under the table, you can create another safe space for them. Since being underneath something is what they like about the table, you can create a space for them underneath something else, put their toys there and reward your dog when they spend time in this new space.

Final Thoughts:

While it may seem odd that your pup wants to spend their time sleeping beneath the table, when we take a moment to put ourselves in their perspective, it makes a lot of sense why this would be the perfect place to sleep. 

While finding your dog sleeping under the table can be super cute, it doesn’t always make much sense why they would pick this place to sleep instead of their dog bed. 

As it turns out, there are many reasons why your doggo is curling up underneath a table for their afternoon snooze. Most of these reasons are instinctual, understandable, and perfectly healthy.

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