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Why Does My Dog Greet Me with A Toy?

dog greeting owner with toy

It wouldn’t be right to talk about dogs’ toys without mentioning their best friend (or is it the other way around?): humans. You’ve probably seen your pooch greet humans with a toy if you’re a dog lover. It’s no surprise that dogs learn to use their human toys to play fetch with them. Dogs have selective hearing, so instead of hearing your “fetch,” your pooch hears the squeak or rattle of the toy. When that happens, your dog’s natural hunting instinct takes over, and he launches his toy in the air and begins chasing it.

It’s a dog’s way of giving you a treat!

The itty-bitty doggy’s welcoming committee

A dog is man’s best friend. But how do dogs know you can take good care of them? The dog is on high alert when a human enters a house for the first time. It’s on the lookout for anything that might be harmful. It’s that new smell and different ways of moving that piques the dog’s interest and causes it to become curious. The dog will approach you, check it out, and eventually give a tentative sniff or more of you. The dog is small, so it doesn’t take much to sniff or bite you. These situations are normal, and even if they don’t result in an injury, it’s important to train your dog to avoid them.

This is my toy; I woof you.

Dogs are man’s best friend, and there is just no denying it. Not only are they incredibly smart, but they also have the best personalities. They’re loyal and there for you through the good and the bad, and they make an excellent companion. But, all dogs aren’t 100% obedient and well-behaved all the time. For a few dogs out there, including German Shepherds, it’s sometimes necessary to get a little tough with them when they get out of line.

Your Dog Wants to Play

Dogs are constantly looking for ways to entertain themselves. Whether they’re chasing after a ball, staring at your cat, or chewing on your shoe, your dog’s random behavior can often seem annoying, at best. But it can also be a sign of boredom or stress.

Your Dog Wants to Show Their Toy Off

Dogs love to show off their toys. Whether it’s their ball, chew toy, or the newest new thing they’ve found, they want to share it. They won’t shy away from a meet-and-greet with other canines. So, how can you make your dogs’ toys more fun? Keep them busy with puzzles, chew toys, and games that keep them entertained, from tug-o-war to hiding food. Dogs that have access to toys are less prone to destructive behavior and more likely to engage in interactive play.

Your Excitable Dog Needs a Distraction

If you have a dog that keeps chasing cars, jumping on visitors, or barking at people on the street, you probably need a distraction. If your dog is an extreme case and you can’t walk him safely without working yourself into a frenzy, you might need to seek help from an obedience school. But a simple, safe, and inexpensive distraction are to play a distracting sound or video.

Why does my dog bring me random things?

It’s not normal for your pet to start bringing random things to you. Some dogs get so excited at the sight of a squirrel or cat they drop whatever they’re doing and race after it. Other dogs may be picking up their scent and bringing them home. And finally, some dogs may simply think they are doing the right thing by bringing you a thrown object. But whatever the reason, it’s a mystery as to why your dog is bringing you random things, and it’s a mystery you should want to solve.

Why does my dog throw his toys in the air?

Does it have something to do with the word “fetch” or “retrieve”? Maybe it’s something about “toy” or “treat”? Probably not. Most dog owners simply attribute this behavior to the way their dogs are wired. Dogs have a natural instinct to throw things in the air (what dog doesn’t?), and they do it all the time. Dogs learn this behavior early on when young puppies play with stuffed toys. So, they toss the toys in the air because that’s how they used to play. It’s nothing to be concerned about.

What does it mean when your dog carries a toy around?

The sight of your dog carrying a dead animal toy or ball around the house is unusual, to say the least, but what does it mean? A dog carrying something is called a “pillow position,” and it usually points to anxiety.


Your dog may be showing affection or being playful. If your dog is greeting you, it may be due to your dog’s natural instinct to please you. Dogs are intelligent and social. They don’t need anything from us except our approval.