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7 Reasons Why Dogs Like To Lick Their Collars

dog licking his collar for taste

If you own a dog, you must have observed some bizarre behaviors. Our furry little weirdos can be challenging to figure out. Some dogs love rolling around in smelly things, others like digging, and some love to lick everything they can put their sight on. One of the strange behaviors for licking is that some dogs like to lick their collars. They will bend themselves in awkward positions to try to reach it. You might be wondering why your dog has such a fascination with its collar. Here are the top reasons explaining why dogs like to lick their collars!

Your Dog Might Have Anxiety

If your dog is compulsively licking their collar and other things around or on them, they could be suffering from anxiety. Licking is a comfort mechanism for dogs; it can help them feel better as it releases endorphins.

If you think that this might be the case, it’s best to consult a professional who can diagnose the problem and guide you on how to curb it. Some dogs also exhibit this behavior if you take off their collar, as for them, the collar can be associated with negative experiences like bath time, the end of playtime, etc.

Your Dog Is Bored

Your dog obsessively licking his collar could also mean that they are bored. Your furry friend needs mental and physical stimulation, or they will get bored and exhibit strange behaviors. If a collar is around them, and they have nothing else to do, they will resort to licking it. If you want to curb this habit, ensure that your pooch gets regular exercise and has access to toys.

dog licking collar

Your Dog Wants to Take Off The Collar

Your dog could be licking his collar due to discomfort. Maybe your furry friend doesn’t like wearing a collar because, for them, it has a negative association, like being restricted from running or chasing after something. To help alleviate the discomfort leading to the licking and, in some cases biting, you could take off the collar at certain times of the day. It could also be the case that the collar is too tight, so it would be best to loosen it.

A rule to keep in mind when it comes to collars is that you should be able to fit two fingers between the collar and the dog’s neck. If this is not the case, it’s best to create positive associations with the collar. If your dog associates the collar with positive things like walks, they will start being more comfortable with wearing it.

Your Dog Likes The Texture Or Taste Of The Collar

If you see your dog licking his collar and chewing on it when it’s taken off, it could be that the pooch likes the material, feel and taste of the collar. Dogs make sense of their surroundings through smell and taste, so it can be expected for your dog to be fascinated by their collar. Some materials like leather, cloth and rawhide are favorites for these furry friends, so if the collar is made from one of these materials, it will most likely be licked and chewed on.

Your Dog Likes The Smell Of The Collar

Dogs, as mentioned before, make sense of their surroundings through taste and smell. Their acute sense of smell can sometimes distract them from daily activities. The collar can be a fascinating object as it contains the dog’s scent and sometimes the owner’s smell. These smells can create positive associations for your dog.

Once you take the collar off, you might notice your dog excessively licking it, as they have a particular attachment. If the collar is new, it might carry an unfamiliar smell in some cases. Your dog will try to smell and lick it to understand what it is.

Your Dog Likes the Challenge

If you catch your dog in seemingly strange positions, corners, and just in the middle of some dare devilish acts, your dog might thrive off challenges. The collar can present itself as a challenge for some dogs to remove or interact with it. This could mean that your dog needs more complex, mentally stimulating exercises.

Your Dog Just Likes To Lick

Some dogs are just prone to licking. This can be because of their genetics, learned habits, or anxiety. If you have seen your fluffy friend just preoccupied with licking things around, licking his collar might be a habit.

Something not to worry about: on the other hand, if you suspect that the behavior is compulsive, you should take them to the vet to rule out any medical conditions, such as anxiety. If it turns out this is a characteristic of your furry friend’s personality, but you want to curb this habit healthily, you could try distracting them with a treat-filled toy!

These are some of the top reasons dogs like to lick their collars. Each dog has different personality characteristics; to understand them fully, all you need to do is patiently observe.



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